DIII-D 2017-18 Research Planning

We are undertaking a planning activity in the summer for the program starting October 2017 into 2018. This will build on proposals from the last major strategic planning event in 2016, with unselected ideas carrying forward for 2017-18 selection, as well as new ideas being solicited for consideration.

  • Strategic Planning Workshops to discuss key priorities for next years amongst technical experts - May
  • Opening of web based proposals system for Research Opportunities Forum - June
  • Proposals for near term priorities from group leaders to Research Council end of May
  • Web based Research Opportunities Forum - to July 10 - link here
    • All interested participants are invited to make their proposals
    • Break out sessions by physics areas, thrust and task force teams to select and prioritize the program - all meetings listed here
  • Second Research Council to review and advice on allocation of run time - early August
    • Commencement of mini-proposal drafting straight after RC
  • Program Run Time Allocation to be confirmed by late August
  • Start of Experimental Campaign - October 9th 2017

Groups should develop a three year perspective on program goals, and identify steps for this year and follow up strong candidate experiments for the following year, in order to plan more strategically and consider sequencing of research, or enabling greater prioritization of certain topics in a particular year.