Requirements for Access to Fusion Cyber Resources:

Step 1: Submit a Cyber Access Request
Be sure to follow the directions on each page.

Step 2: Complete the online Cyber Security Awareness Program
This training must be completed before access will be provided.
You will need about 30 minutes to complete the training.

Step 3: Request a Fusion network IP address

To connect a workstation provided by your institution, request a Fusion network IP address for your institution provided workstation.

Note: No personal equipment will be allowed to connect to the Fusion network. Only workstations supplied by the visitors home institution, or GA will be allowed on the Fusion network. An active and current anti-malware (anti-virus) software must be installed on the computer before being granted access to the network.

All requests for an IP address must be submitted to the email address with the REQUIRED following information:

  1. Visitor Name:
  2. GA Host:
  3. Who visitor will be working with directly:
  4. Visitor home institution or employer:
  5. Office/location at GA:
  6. Computer make/model:
  7. Computer serial number:
  8. Hardware Ethernet ID(MAC address):
  9. Hardware Wifi ID(MAC address):
  10. Operating system and revision:
  11. Anti-Malware software:
  12. How long will visitor be onsite at GA (start date - end date):