We are pleased to announce a Frontier Science Campaign using the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. The aim of this initiative is to exploit DIII-D unique parameter access and innovative diagnostics to complement, augment or extend work pursued in the wider Frontiers community, making key tests of theories and answering important frontiers questions. It is also hoped that the cross-fertilization between fields will be valuable in stimulating scientists, leading to new ideas and ways of thinking, and developing deeper understanding of underlying plasma physics phenomena, which share many common foundations between fusion and frontiers science.

Requests for experimental time in the Frontiers Science Campaign will be considered via a call for proposals. Proposals will be reviewed by an independent panel of Frontiers and DIII-D scientists to recommend selections to the DIII-D Director. Awards will consist of run time and appropriate expert support from the DIII-D team to prepare and conduct the experiments. For additional financial support, for example to cover personpower of the proponent team, travel or additional equipment, proponents should contact DOE FES (Nirmol Podder), who have additional means to support such activities through solicitations and supplements.

Details of the present Call for Proposals for Frontier Science run time on DIII-D in 2022-23, and funding opportunities, are provided here. Please note that this is an integrated call with other Frontiers User facilities.

A document has been created that details many of the capabilities and tools available on DIII-D for plasma science research and is available here.

For colleagues wishing to gain internal systems to see technical details of the DIII-D program and data, please fill out a cyber access application here.

The present contact persons for Frontiers Science on DIII-D is Bill Heidbrink and Dmitri Orlov, who can provide an information package, advice and additional contact personnel to help understand what is possible and prepare ideas.