Theory Weekly Highlights for December 2000

December 01, 2000

A number of extensions have been made to the ELITE intermediate-n MHD stability code, in collaboration with H.R. Wilson of Culham Science Centre. The analytic edge peeling/ballooning theory used in ELITE employs an expansion in the inverse toroidal mode number (1/n). That expansion has recently been carried out through to higher order in 1/n, and the 1/n terms have now been incorporated into ELITE. In addition, finite inertia terms have been added, allowing ELITE to calculate instability growth rates as well as stability thresholds. Benchmarks with GATO and further detailed analyses of the edge stability of various DIII-D H-mode shots are planned.

My weekly unique contribution
On how to get closer to fusion
May bust someone's bubble
And therefore give trouble
Besides it may cause some confusion.
So we regret there is no contribution this week from Torkil Jensen

These highlights are reports of research work in progress and are accordingly subject to change or modification