Theory Weekly Highlights for February 2000

February 25, 2000

The new 12 processor Linux system has been installed. Testing with EFIT using MPI during DIII-D operation was completed, and these tests showed that computational speed scales linearly from the previous 3 processor test system to the 12 processor system, as expected. It is planned that production EFITs will be done this way during next weeks operation. Compared to the present system, this new system calculates twice as many EFIT equilibria in a quarter the time.

February 18, 2000

Version 3 of the ONETWO time dependent transport code is ready for public release. The new version includes the NCLASS neoclassical transport model and can simulate a sequence of fully time dependent 2D equilibria using the time-dependent eqdsk mode of operation. This allows a rapid but accurate analysis of DIII-D experimental data as well as providing a means for experimental confirmation of ohmic and non inductive current drive.

February 11, 2000

The analytic cylindrical model equilibrium that was recently developed for studying and benchmarking the resistive MHD TWIST-R code has been extended to finite β. This model was used with a 1D version of the TWIST-R code to demonstrate that the TWIST-R algorithm is numerically stable and that fully converged tearing mode eigenfunctions and Δ' could be computed in regimes where previous methods failed.

These highlights are reports of research work in progress and are accordingly subject to change or modification