2002 Fusion Summer Study

Snowmass 2002 Fusion Energy Sciences Summer Study
8-19 July 2002
Snowmass Village, Colorado, USA

The 2002 Fusion Energy Sciences Summer Study will be a forum for the critical assessment of major next-steps in the fusion energy sciences program, and will provide crucial community input to the long-range planning activities undertaken by the DOE and the FESAC. It will be an ideal place for a broad community of scientists to examine goals and proposed initiatives in burning plasma science in magnetic fusion energy and integrated research experiments in inertial fusion energy.

This meeting is open to every member of the fusion energy science community and significant international participation is encouraged.

Objectives of the Fusion Summer Study

  1. Review scientific issues in burning plasmas to establish the basis for the following two objectives. Address the relation of burning plasma in tokamaks to innovative MFE confinement concepts and of ignition in IFE to integrated research facilities.
  2. Provide a forum for critical discussion and review of proposed MFE burning plasma experiments (e.g., FIRE, IGNITOR and ITER{EU, GA}) and assess the scientific and technological research opportunities and prospective benefits of these approaches to the study of burning plasmas.
  3. Provide a forum for the IFE community to present plans for prospective integrated research facilities, assess present status of the technical base for each, and establish a timetable and technical progress necessary to proceed for each.


The 2002 Summer Study will build on earlier planning activity at the 1999 Fusion Summer Study and the scientific assessments at the UFA-sponsored Burning Plasma Science Workshops (Austin, December 2000 and San Diego, May 2001). The scientific views of the participants developed during the 2002 Summer Study preparation activities and during the 2002 Summer Study itself, will provide critical fusion community input to the decision process of FESAC and DOE in 2002-2003, and to the review of burning plasma science by the National Academy of Sciences called for by FESAC and Energy Legislation which was passed by the House of Representatives [H. R. 4].

Output of the Fusion Summer Study

An executive summary based on summary reports from each of the working groups will be prepared as well as a comprehensive proceedings of plenary and contributed presentations.

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