Snowmass 2002  Fusion Energy Sciences Summer Study


Preliminary guidelines for the development of the Snowmass 2002 Web site:

  1. Files should be submitted via the Snowmass File Exchange and subsequently checked for integrity by their submitter after they have been harvested (i.e., ten minutes later).

  2. HTML files intended to be posted should have names of the form (name).html where (name) consists of digits, lowercase letters and only those punctuation characters that are platform-neutral, i.e., only characters that render similarly in browsers running on Mac, PC, Unix and other platforms. The characters should also be manageable on most platforms, e.g., no characters (space, tab, parentheses, quotes, etc) that have special meaning to Mac, Windows, Unix, etc. (This is standard good Web practice.) Names should be reasonable in length.

  3. Directory (folder) names should be likewise restricted in composition.

  4. PDF files intended to be posted should have names of the form (name).pdf where (name) is likewise restricted as with HTML. For maximum accessibility PDF files should be used only where HTML cannot easily do the job.

  5. Except for requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) for viewing PDF files, all essential content should be accessible without the use of browser helpers or plugins, or special (unusual) browsers.

  6. Audio, video and other multimedia is not excluded, but think first about bandwidth and accessibility.

  7. In general, content should take precedence over form, but form should certainly count for something.

  8. Image files (GIF, JPEG, PNG) should be kept as small as possible to reduce bandwidth demands, and preferably should not exceed about 640 pixels in width in order to fit in most users' browsers without horizontal scrolling.

  9. HTML files should use a white background except for special purposes.

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