20th Workshop on MHD Stability Control

Non-linear phenomena and MHD control for ITER and beyond

Hosted by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory November 22-24, 2015

20th MHD Stability Control Workshop - Invited Talks:

Invited speakers (with tentative title of the talk):

  • Michael Bell, PPPL, USA, MHD control: “Lessons learned on TFTR, relevant to ITER”
  • Daniele Bonfiglio, Consorzio RFX, Italy, “Common nonlinear MHD physics of RFP and tokamak plasmas with magnetic perturbations: from sawtoothing dynamics to stationary helical states”
  • Wilkie Choi, Columbia University, USA, “Analysis of locked mode disruption database in the DIII-D tokamaks”
  • Tony Cooper, EPFL, Switzerland, “3D MHD equilibrium of Quiescent H-modes in tokamak systems”
  • Alexandre Fil, CEA, France, “Modeling of gas penetration, MHD activity and runaway electrons in disruption mitigated by MGI with JOREK and IMAGINE codes”
  • YongKyoon In, NFRI, Korea, “Low intrinsic error fields and 3D physics studies in the KSTAR tokamak”
  • Jeff Levesque, Columbia University, USA, “Stability of ferritic resistive wall modes in the HBT-EP tokamak”
  • Raffi Nazikian, PPPL, USA, “Bifurcation dynamics near the threshold of ELM suppression by RMP”
  • Erik Olofsson, GA, USA, “Dynamical reconstruction of poloidal flux and noninductive source profiles with applications to MHD stability”
  • Miklos Porkolab, MIT, USA, “An accelerated path to fusion energy and related issues”
  • Satoru Sakakibata, NIFS, Japan, “Plasma response in RMP applications in Large Helical Device”
  • Joseph Snipes, ITER Organization, France, “ITER Plasma Control System Development and MHD Control”
  • Youwen Sun, Institute of Plasma Physics, China, “3D physics studies and MHD control in the EAST tokamak”
  • Francesca Turco, Columbia University, USA, “Measuring and modeling MHD instabilities in ITER”
  • Roscoe White, PPPL, USA,” Thermal island destabilization by radiation cooling”