20th Workshop on MHD Stability Control

Non-linear phenomena and MHD control for ITER and beyond

Hosted by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory November 22-24, 2015

Third Announcement of the 20th MHD Stability Control Workshop:

This is the third announcement of the 20th MHD Stability Control Workshop (https://fusion.gat.com/conferences/mhd15/). The theme this year is “Non-linear phenomena and MHD control for ITER and beyond”. The workshop will take place on November 22-24, 2015 in Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, following the APS-DPP Annual meeting on November 16-20, 2015 in Savannah, GA. The workshop is organized jointly by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Columbia University, General Atomics, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Auburn University.

Important Note:
Call for Contributed Talk and Registration: Our conference has always benefited from a large number of valuable contributed talks, each of which will be 20 minutes (tentative) including Q&A. Please send your tentative contributed talk title to Marilyn J. Hondorp (mhondorp@pppl.gov) and register through the website as soon as possible. Early registration will help us organize the agenda and site entrance clearance permit. However, the deadline remains October 2nd.

The full workshop details and invited speakers are copied below.