20th Workshop on MHD Stability Control

Non-linear phenomena and MHD control for ITER and beyond

Hosted by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory November 22-24, 2015

PDF's of Workshop Talks

Session 1: Non-linear MHD Control in Fusion Devices

Session 2: Real-time 3D and MHD Control

Session 3: Non-linear/non-ideal Processes in TM/NTM

Session 4: Nonlinear and Extended

Session 5: 3D Field Physics in Long Pulse Operation

Session 6: Non-linear/Kinetic RWM and Wall Effects

Session 7: Non-linear MHD in Stellerators/RFP

Session 8: Disruption processes and dynamics

Session 9: Disruption Mitigation

Session 10: Kinetic Effects in MHD

  • Matthew Lanctot Discussion of 2016 Theme and Place