scenic view      4th IAEA Technical Meeting  on Control, Data Acquisition, and  Remote Participation for Fusion Research
General Atomics, San Diego, California USA
21-23 July 2003
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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United States Department of Energy (DOE), and the General Atomics Fusion Group will host the
 4th IAEA Technical Meeting  on Control, Data Acquisition, and  Remote Participation for Fusion Research
The meeting will take place at General Atomics in San Diego, California USA from Monday, 21 July 2003 to Wednesday, 23 July 2003.

Previous meetings were held in Garching, Germany, 1997, Lisbon, Portugal, 1999, and Padova, Italy, 2001.


The main objective of this meeting is to present and discuss new developments and perspectives in the areas of control, data acquisition, and remote participation for nuclear fusion research around the world.


The Meeting will cover the following topics:
  1. Machine control and monitoring
  2. Plasma control
  3. Control and data acquisition systems for diagnostics
  4. Special techniques for long duration discharges
  5. Signal processing
  6. Database techniques for information storage and/or retrieval
  7. User interfaces for control and data acquisition systems
  8. Impact of new computer languages
  9. Operating system requirements for present and future fusion experiments
  10. Techniques for remote participation

Format of the Meeting


The meeting will include:

  • Invited talks
  • Contributed papers, presented orally or displayed as posters
  • Panels for discussion of specific matters


The working language of the meeting will be English; no interpretation will be provided.


About 50 persons from Member States or international organizations are expected to attend. Participants should be persons actively involved in the topics of the meeting and must be nominated through their national authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs or National Atomic Energy Authority).

Journal Publication

It is intended to arrange for the publication of a subset of contributions in a refereed journal. The journal Fusion Engineering and Design has been used for past meetings in this series.


The printed abstracts of invited talks and contributed papers will be distributed to the participants at the Meeting Front Desk.

Proceedings of the Meeting containing slides and/or texts of the contributions will be made available on CD-ROM to all participants shortly after the meeting.

These proceedings will also be made available to participants on the Web.

Participation and Submission of Papers

Expression of Interest

All persons who consider participating in the meeting are invited to complete the Expression of Interest Form as soon as possible. By filling in and submitting the Web-based form it will automatically be emailed to the meeting. If you have any problems with the form, please contact the meeting at

Fax: 858.455.3569

Participation and Paper Submission Procedure

To participate in the meeting, please submit a completed Participation Form to your appropriate authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Atomic Energy Authority, etc.) for subsequent transmission to the IAEA. A participant will be accepted only if the Participation Form is transmitted through the appropriate authority. The Participation Form must be received by the IAEA by 15 April 2003. Participants whose nominations have been received by the IAEA will be notified 30 May 2003. Please also send a copy of the Participation Form (either by email or fax) directly to the IAEA Scientific Secretary (address on the Participation Form).

If you plan to make a presentation at the meeting you need to provide a 200- to 400-word abstract of your presentation. The abstract should contain the author's name, institution, email address, and whether you prefer your presentation to be an oral presentation or poster presentation. Abstracts are also due 15 April 2003. Please submit them as follows:

  1. A copy of the abstract must accompany the Participation Form submitted to your appropriate authority, via email or fax.
  2. A copy of the abstract must accompany the Participation Form sent directly to the IAEA Scientific Secretary, via email or fax.
  3. A copy of the abstract must be submitted directly to the meeting. Please use the Submission of Abstracts Web page for uploading to facilitate abstract submittal. (Instructions are given on the page.) The preferred file format is PDF, but Microsoft Word, HTML, or plain text are also accepted. The filename should be in the following format: lastname-firstname.filetype. If necessary, you may also submit the abstract by email to or by fax to (858.455.3569).

Final Papers are due, ready as electronic files on the first day of the Meeting, at the Meeting Front Desk.

Further information on paper submission will be available on the meeting Web site at a later date.

Approval to enter the conference site

All persons who are not US citizens must also provide specific biographical data to obtain clearance and a badge to enter the General Atomics site. Please complete the Form for Non-US Citizens.


If you are attending the meeting please also fill out the Registration Form, as this will help in determining how many attendees there will be at the meeting. Also note as indicated on the form that there will be a participation fee of $150 to help defray the costs of refreshments and publications.


Designated participants who require a visa to enter the United States of America should submit the necessary application to the nearest diplomatic or consular representative of the USA as soon as possible. The visa process can take a long time so please attend to this immediately if required. If one is required, an official letter of invitation will be sent to participants after completion of the Form for Non-US Citizens.


The costs for the organization of the meeting are borne by the host organizations and by the IAEA. No registration fee is charged to participants.

As a general rule, the IAEA does not pay the cost of attendance in the TM, i.e., travel and living expenses, of participants. However, limited funds are available to help meet the cost of attendance of few selected specialists mainly from developing countries with low economic resources. Generally, not more than one grant will be awarded to any one country. The grants awarded will be in the form of lump sums usually covering part of the cost of attendance.

If governments wish to apply for a grant on behalf of one of their specialists, they should address specific requests to the Scientific Secretary of the International Atomic Energy Agency to this effect (address below). Governments should ensure that applications for grants:

  1. be received by the IAEA by 01 April 2003
  2. be accompanied by a duly completed and signed Participation Form (pages 1 and 2) including the 200- to 400-word abstract of the paper to be presented.

Applications that do not comply with the conditions mentioned under (a) and (b) cannot be considered. Awards will be announced around 01 June 2003. For advance notice, please address inquiries to:

Ryszard Miklaszewski
Room A2309
International Atomic Energy Agency
P. O. Box 100
Wagramer Strasse 5
A-1400 Vienna, Austria


Web Sites

The IAEA Technical Meeting Web site is:
The General Atomics Fusion Group Web site is:
The General Atomics Web site is:

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in the Conference Room 07-217 at the General Atomics main site. Non-US citizens are reminded to fill out the Form for Non-US Citizens which must be approved prior to entering the site. Coffee and snacks will be provided in the Conference Room. There will be Internet access via both RJ45 and wireless. Lunch will be available in the adjacent GA cafeteria.


Information on the two designated meeting hotels is provided on the Accommodations page. The lodging rate for each hotel is $99.00 per night. There are many other hotels in the area that you are free to choose for your stay, however prices are likely to be significantly higher. Remember that the final deadline for the designated hotel reservations is 20 June 2003.


San Diego International Airport (SAN) provides the primary airline service for the area, and is about 15 miles south of the General Atomics main site.

Public transportation in San Diego is limited and private cars are the usual means of transportation in Southern California, thus a car rental is highly recommended. Without a car, transportation from the airports to hotels is provided by taxi (about $45-$50) or shuttle bus service (inquire at airport).

Since rental cars are recommended, transportation from designated hotels to the conference site are not planned. However, if requested, transportation/carpools from the designated hotels to the conference site and back each day will be arranged. Please notify us if you require this service.

Social Program

On Tuesday evening, Jul 22, a social activity is planned which is a dinner and cruise on San Diego Bay aboard Hornblower cruises. This activity is included for meeting attendees. For accompanying persons there will be a fee of $50.

Important Dates

Form for Non-US Citizens Now
Third Announcement April 2003
Registration Now
Hotel Reservation 20 June 2003
IAEA Paper Acceptance Notification 16 June 2003
Meeting 21 July 2003 to 23 July 2003

Program Committee

Karl Behler IPP Garching Germany
Tom Casper LLNL USA
Jonathan Farthing UKAEA UK
Bill McHarg, Chairman General Atomics USA
Volker Schmidt Consorzio RFX Italy
Jorge Sousa IST Portugal
Josh Stillerman MIT-PFSC USA
Shigeru Sudo NIFS Japan
Jean-Marie Theis CEA Cadarache France
Izuru Yonekawa JT-60 Japan

Organizing Committee

Ryszard Miklaszewski Room A2309
International Atomic Energy Agency
Wagramer Strasse 5
P. O. Box 100
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Bill McHarg
Meeting Organizer
General Atomics
P. O. Box 85608
San Diego, California 92186-5608 USA
Kristin Kidney
Meeting Coordinator
Ben Penaflor Email:
David Piglowski Email:

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