18th Workshop on MHD Stability Control

MHD Control for Steady State Burning Plasmas

A Workshop at Santa Fe, New Mexico hosted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory November 18-20, 2013
[...following the 55th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics November 11-15, 2013, Denver, Colorado]

PDF's of Workshop Talks

Steady state burning plasma control
J. FerronTokamak control issues for steady-state burning plasma operation
M. BoyerNonlinear Control and Real-time Optimization of the Burn Condition in ITER
J. HansonRWM control in low-q tokamak discharges
Y. ParkResistive wall mode active control physics design for KSTAR
G. ManduchiIntegrated magnetic plasma control: lessons learned from RFX-mod MHD Control
J. BartonPhysics-model-based Safety Factor Profile and Internal Energy Control in AT-Scenarios
N. LoganKink-Resonance of NTV Torque: Optimizing the Poloidal Spectrum
Resistive wall mode physics
J. MenardKinetic effects on the ideal-wall limit and the resistive wall mode
J. LevesqueOptical measurements of kink modes, and plasma shaping and ferritic wall effects in HBT-EP
F. TurcoProgress on MARS-K validation for high performance plasmas
J. BerkeryResistive Wall Mode Stability in NSTX and Benchmarked Kinetic Physics Calculations with MISK
Resistive wall mode control
B. ParkStrategy on MHD control for steady-state operation in KSTAR
D. BrennanControl of rotating plasmas with a resistive wall and complex gain
S. SabbaghResistive wall mode and plasma rotation control for disruption avoidance in NSTX
L. MarrelliLow-q tokamak operations in RFX-mod
Steady state burning plasma control and 3D fields
K. WatanabeOperation scenario of a helical reactor based on the high beta LHD and its MHD-related issues
D. MaurerDisruption avoidance using stellarator fields on CTH
M. LanctotEffect of 3D Fields on the Edge Harmonic Oscillation in Quiescent H-mode Plasmas
T. PedersenControl of topology and edge heat flows in steady-state plasmas on W7-X
Energetic particles and 3D MHD stability
E. FredericksonFeedback Control of Energetic Particle Driven Modes
F. OrainNon-linear MHD simulations of ELMs and their interaction with RMPs
J. King3D structure and evolution of a resonant magnetic perturbation
S. YamamotoControl of energetic-ion-driven MHD instability in low shear helical plasmas
Tearing mode stability and control
E. KolemenNeoclassical tearing mode control and stabilization in steady state burning plasma
E. OlofssonArray magnetics signal processing: beyond FFT and SVD
Z. WangThe Use of DCON for Computation of Outer Region Matching Data for Singular MHD Modes in Axisymmetric Toroidal Plasmas
J. KingNIMROD modeling of instabilities and control
L. FrassinettiTearing mode locking and unlocking to an error field in EXTRAP T2R
G. CanalFast seeding of NTMs by sawtooth crashes and implications on their preemption
M. Okabayashi NTM locking and disruption avoidance by mode-rotation control by magnetic feedback
L. LinMeasurements of tearing mode dynamics with laser-based polarimetry-interferometry diagnostic in toroidal plasmas
Mode locking and special topics
G. PautassoDisruption avoidance and mitigation in ASDEX Upgrade: Tearing mode stabilisation, mode locking with magnetic perturbations and application to study toroidal asymmetry of mode-lock disruption mitigation by massive gas injection
L. Delgado-AparicioInternal kink modes in Ohmic and LHCD plasmas in Alcator C-Mod
K. KimStudy on neoclassical transport and kinetic stability in perturbed tokamaks with particle simulation
R. NebelHelical Current Drive in Tokamaks and a Plasma-based DC-DC Electrical Transformer
D. ShirakiError Field Detection and Mode Locking Avoidance by the Interaction of Applied Rotating 3D Fields With Otherwise Locked Modes
Error fields
Y. LiuModelling of the error field correction experiments in MAST
C. Paz-SoldanThe importance of tuned poloidal spectra for error field correction
C. PironFirst results on error field correction in q(a)<2 RFX-mod tokamak plasmas
E. StraitSummary of ITPA MHD Group Activities