15-19 April 2018
Paradise Point Resort & Spa
America/Los_Angeles timezone


Session #11, Wednesday Night Invited Talks, Chair: G. McKee

18 Apr 2018, 18:30
Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Paradise Point Resort & Spa

1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

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Michael Griener (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics), Marco Cavedon (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics), Jorge Munoz Burgos (Astro Fusion Spectre), Oliver Schmitz (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Ulrich Stroth (Technische Universität München), Elisabeth Wolfrum (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics), ASDEX Upgrade Team
18/04/2018, 18:30

To investigate steady-state as well as fast transport processes in the plasma edge region of magnetically confined fusion plasmas, a thermal helium beam diagnostic has been implemented at ASDEX Upgrade. Neutral helium is injected into the plasma by a piezo valve to perform line ratio spectroscopy for electron density and temperature determination. An optical head with 53 lines of sight aligned...

Sonal Patel (Sandia National Labs), Dale Welch (Sandia National Labs), Mark Kiefer (Sandia National Labs), Mark Johnston (Sandia National Labs), Michael Cuneo (Sandia National Labs), Nichelle Bennett (Sandia National Labs), Timothy Webb (Sandia National Labs), Yitzhak Maron (Weizmann Institute), Ronald Gilgenbach (University of Michigan), Mark Savage (Sandia National Labs)
18/04/2018, 19:00

Measurements of magnetic field profiles on the self-magnetic pinch (SMP) diode are critical to understanding the electron beam pinch dynamics throughout the current pulse. In the SMP diode, the planar anode, consisting of a high Z material, converts the beam energy into bremsstrahlung x-rays, resulting in dense plasma formation, on the anode surface. A fiber array images along the anode...

Sándor Zoletnik (Wigner RCP), Gábor Anda (Wigner RCP), Dániel Dunai (Wigner RCP), Mátyás Aradi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Őrs Asztalos (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Attila Bencze (Wigner RCP), Miklós Berta (Széchenyi University), Gábor Demeter (Wigner RCP), Pavel Hacek (Institute for Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences), Guanghai Hu (Institute for Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Máté Lampert (Wigner RCP), Matthias Otte (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik), Gergő I. Pokol (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Balázs Tál (Wigner RCP), Dániel Réfy (Wigner RCP)
18/04/2018, 20:00

Diagnosing the density profile at the edge of high temperature fusion plasmas by accelerated Lithium beam is a known technique since decades. By knowledge of the relevant atomic physics rate coefficients the plasma electron density profile can be calculated from the relatively calibrated light profile along the beam. Several additional possibilities have already been demonstrated: CXRS for ion...

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