16-18 October 2007
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Task Forces and Working Groups

Eight high priority research areas have been identified for the DIII-D experimental program in 2008. These topics are quite broad, and draw from expertise spread across the entire experimental program. Proposals in these areas are particularly encouraged.

High Priority Task Force / Working Group Leader Deputy Steady-State Integration Integrated Modeling ITER Physics Plasma Control and Operations Fusion Science
ITER Demonstration Discharges E. Doyle J. DeBoo  
Rotation Physics W. Solomon A. Garofalo  
ELM Control and Pedestal Physics M. Fenstermacher R. GroebnerP. Snyder  
Steady-state high-beta operation J. Ferron      
Transport Model Validation C. HollandT. Rhodes        
Thermal Transport in the Plasma Boundary J. Boedo C. Lasnier      
Hydrogenic Retention S. Allen D. Rudakov      
ITER Startup, Shutdown, and Vertical Stability G. Jackson T. Casper    

More information on the high priority research areas is available in these memos:

The complete list of all task forces and working groups, including their leadership, is shown below, and is available in the selection pull-down on the web submission form. The high priority areas, described above, are shown in yellow boxes. Additional, more focused (highlighted in blue), working groups have been defined as well. Your experimental proposals in any of these areas will be welcome.


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