DIII-D Frontier Science Campaign

The DIII-D facility is pursuing an initiative to explore frontier and discovery plasma science. The goal is to execute studies that may provide significant and distinctive advances in US plasma science in fields that are beyond the usual remit of the DIII-D fusion energy oriented research program.

This aims to exploit DIII-D unique parameter access and innovative diagnostics to complement, augment or extend work pursued in the wider Frontiers community, making key tests of theories and answering important frontiers questions. It is also hoped that the cross-fertilization between fields will be extremely valuable in stimulating scientists, leading to new ideas and ways of thinking, and developing deeper understanding of underlying plasma physics phenomena, which share many common foundations between fusion and frontiers science.

The first such campaign was held in 2017, and went well, resulting in good results four selected proposals, including a post-deadline invited talk at the 2017 APS-DPP meeting by Don Spong. A further campaign is planned for 2018, with planning starting at the APS-DPP fall meeting. Flyers explaining these campaigns and outreach are provided here

Key features of the campaigns so far are: