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Development of high βN scenarios for ITER: a joint IEA workshop (W68) of the Large Tokamak and Poloidal Divertor Implementing Agreements
To be held in San Diego, CA, June 24-25, 2008. 

Co-organizers: M. Wade (USA), A.C.C. Sips (EU) and Y. Kamada (Japan)

The meeting will take place at General Atomics (Building 15 Room 019) in San Diego, California USA from Tuesday, June 24, 2008 to Wednesday, June 25, 2008.

Participant Requirements

Participants to the IEA W68 Workshop must make sure that they perform the following actions (in chronological order).

  1. Visa Information: For those participants who require a visa in order to enter the U.S. you must submit the Non U.S. Citizen Form no later than May 2, 2008. Once this form has been submitted an invitation letter will be shipped to you as quickly as possible. Immediately upon receiving the invitation letter and supporting documents the participant is required to arrange for a U.S. Consulate interview as directed in the invitation letter. This action begins the visa process. Due to recent changes in the visa application procedure, the processing time for a visa has increased significantly. Unfortunately neither the U.S. Department of Energy or the sponsoring organizers can guarantee a visa will be issued in time to attend the meeting. If you have any questions regarding the visa process you may contact Brenda Bowman, International Relations Coordinator at Citizens of certain countries (visa waiver countries) do NOT need U.S. visas for entry.
    These countries are: Andorra Iceland Norway Australia Ireland Portugal Austria Italy San Marino Belgium Japan Singapore Brunei Liechtenstein Slovenia Denmark Luxembourg Spain Finland Monaco Sweden France the Netherlands Switzerland Germany New Zealand United Kingdom (also, Canadian citizens do no need visas).
    For verification on visa waiver countries see the following site: Citizens of these countries must make sure that they have machine readable passports (see the same site for more details).

  2. Complete and submit the non-U.S. Citizen form by May 2, 2008, if you need a visa or by May 16, 2008, if you do not need a visa. Note that submissions after this date can be accepted, but there is no guarantee that approval for entry to GA will be completed before the meeting.

  3. Make reservations at hotel of your choice.

  4. Complete and submit the registration form by May 23, 2008.

  5. Complete and submit the cyber access form by May 23 , 2008. The completed form should be printed out, signed and faxed to Kristi Keith at General Atomics.

  6. Contact Mickey Wade to submit title of presentation, if any. See agenda for updates.

  7. Arrive at the GA visitor reception center by 8:00 A.M. of the first morning of the meeting to pickup badge. (see map of GA)

    Note: It is extremely important that all forms be filled out by the
    deadline dates.

Contact Information

For general questions on meeting (e.g. transport, accommodation,
registration, non U.S. citizen form, etc.)

Lupe Cerda

Phone: 858.455.4155
Fax: 858.455.4156

For IEA W68 Workshop
Mickey Wade
Phone: 858.455.4165
Fax: 858.455.4156

For VISA Support
Brenda Bowman
Phone: 858.455.3553
Fax: 858.455.2494