US-Japan JIFT Meeting

July 22–24, 2015

General Atomics Headquarters, San Diego, California
3550 General Atomics Ct.
San Diego, CA 92121

Workshop Agenda

July 22–24, 2015
General Atomics, San Diego, CA
Room 15-019

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Wednesday, July 22
8:30 AM Refreshments
9:15 AM Opening Remarks
Non-axisymmetric Equilibria in Axisymmetric Devices
9:30 AM Three-dimensional equilibria in the DIII-D tokamak J. King, GA
10:00 AM Reconstruction of 3D Equilibria for DIII-D Discharges using the VMEC/V3FIT Code A. Wingen, ORNL
10:30 AM QSH State of RFP P. Terry, Wisconsin
11:00 AM Two-fluid Plasma Response in ELM Suppressed Regimes N. Ferraro, GA
11:30 AM Discussion
Noon Lunch
2:00 PM 3D MHD Modeling Issues for Stellarators Y. Suzuki, NIFS
2:30 PM Development of Integrated Transport Analysis Suite, TASK3D-a, and its Application to LHD M. Yokoyama, NIFS
3:00 PM Refreshments
3:30 PM Effect of RMP on Pressure Driven Instabilities in LHD S. Ohdachi, NIFS
4:00 PM Understanding 3D MHD on CTH D. Maurer, Auburn
4:30 PM Discussion
5:00 PM DIII-D Tour N. Eidietis, GA
Thursday, July 23
8:30 AM Refreshments
Plasma Response in Tokamaks
9:00 AM Probing Plasma Response Models with n=2 Measurements J. Hanson, Columbia
9:30 AM Identification and Impact of Multi-Modal Plasma Response N. Logan, PPPL
10:00 AM Modeling the Effects of Rotation on RWM Stability at High Current and High BetaN F. Turco, Columbia
10:30 AM Measurements and Modeling of Island Screening on DIII-D M. Shafer, ORNL
11:00 AM Discussion
Noon Lunch
RMP ELM Mitigation and Suppression
2:00 PM Understanding the Physics of EHO in QH-mode on DIII-D Including the Role of Rotation Shear X. Chen, GA
2:30 PM Theory and Simulation of Quasilinear Transport from External Magnetic Field Perturbations in a DIII-D Plasma R. Waltz, GA
3:00 PM Refreshments
3:30 PM Suppression of Type-I ELMs with Incomplete I-Coil Set in DIII-D D. Orlov, UCSD
4:00 PM External Kink Mode in Diverted Tokamaks A. Turnbull, GA
4:30 PM Discussion
Friday, July 24
8:30 AM Refreshments
Transport in 3D Fields
9:00 AM Modeling of 3D Effects in Tokamaks using the EMC3-EIRENE Code J. Lore, ORNL
9:30 AM Recent V&V Activities of Neoclassical Transport Simulation in Helical Plasmas and its Application to 3D Physics in Tokamaks S. Satake, NIFS
10:00 AM Comparison of Fast Ion Analyses with Fast Ion Measurement with a Hybrid Directional Probe in LHD R. Seki, NIFS
10:30 AM Gyrokinetic models for energetic particle instabilities in 3D configurations D. Spong, ORNL
11:00 AM Discussion