Regarding the TCC e-mail list

  1. Present members are based on the PPPL list of Manickam.
  2. To join, send an email to
  3. List can only be used by members--an email from a non-member will come to me for approval.
  4. If you send an email from a different account/name than you are registered as, you are a "non-member."
  5. Attachments are limited to ~10 MB. For larger items, they can be put on an ORNL ftp site for me, and then Lee Berry can post them for everyone (outside can post for ORNL ip's, while an ORNL staff member can post for everyone. The directions are as follows.

Anonymous FTP

Instructions for External Users Sending Files to ORNL Users

  • Sending the file
    1. If the file contains spaces, rename the file or make a copy of the file using a name that contains no spaces.
    2. Browse to
    3. Drag the file into the browser window. With Netscape, you can also use the File->Upload File... option. With Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can also use the Edit->Paste option.
    4. Tell the recipient the filename you used. The filename is case-sensitive.
  • Sending the file
    • You will need to know the filename the sender used to upload the file. Then browse to where "filename.ext" is the filename the sender used. The filename is case-sensitive.

DOE Seminar Series

  • Schedule and Participation