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Date: 2016/12/12
Primary Author: Sang, C.F.
Secondary Author(s): Stangeby, P.C.; Guo, H.Y.; Leonard, A.W.; Covele, B.; Lao, L.L.; Moser, A.L.; Thomas, D.M.
Modification Date:
Title: SOLPS modeling of the effect on plasma detachment of closing the lower divertor in DIII-D (A28331)
  • C.F. Sang, P.C. Stangeby, H.Y. Guo, A.W. Leonard, B. Covele, L.L. Lao, A.L. Moser, And D.M. Thomas, "SOLPS Modeling Of The Effect On Plasma Detachment Of Closing The Lower Divertor In DIII-D", Plasma Phys. Control Fusion 59, 025009 (10pp) (2017)
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