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Date: 2016/05/05
Primary Author: D. R. Ernst
Secondary Author(s): K. H. Burrell, W. Guttenfelder, T. L. Rhodes, A. M. Dimits, R. Bravenec, B. A. Grierson, C. Holland, J. Lohr, A. Marinoni, G. R. McKee, C. C. Petty, J. C. Rost, L. Schmitz, G. Wang, S. Zemedkun, L. Zeng, and the DIII-D Team
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Title: Role of density gradient driven trapped electron mode turbulence in the H-mode inner core with electron heating (A28228)
  • PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 23, 056112 (2016)
  • 48th American Physical Society Annual Meeting of Division of Plasma Physics Philadelphia Pennsylvania, US, 2006
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