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Date: 2006/06/02
Primary Author: Baxi, C.B.
Secondary Author(s): Shenoy, A.;Kostin, V.I.;Kodochigov, N.G.;Vasyaev, A.V.;Belov, S.E.;Golovko, V.F.
Modification Date: 2006/11/27
Title: Evaluation of Alternate Power Conversion Unit Designs for the GT-MHR (A25472)
  • Proc. Of 3rd International Topical Meeting On High Temperature Reactor Technology, Guaten, South Africa (2006)
  • 3rd International Technical Meeting on High-Temperature Reactor Technology (HTR-2006) Guaten, za, 2006
  • Category: Modular Helium Reactor: Power Conversion System
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