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Date: 1998/10/00
Primary Author: Greenfield, C.M.
Secondary Author(s): Rettig, C.L.; Staebler, G.M.; Stallard, B.W.; Austin, M.E.; Burrell, K.H.; DeBoo, J.C.; deGrassie, J.S.; Doyle, E.J.; Gohil, P.; Groebner, R.J.; Lohr, J.; McKee, G.R.; Peebles, W.A.; Petty, C.C.; Pinsker, R.I.; Rice, B.W.; Rhodes, T.L.; Synakowski, E.J.;
Modification Date: 1998/10/00
Title: Behavior of Electron and Ion Transport in Discharges With an Internal Transport Barrier in the DIII-D Tokamak (A22990)
  • Nucl. Fusion 39, 1723 (1999)
  • 17th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Yokohama, JP, 1998
  • Category: Experimental: Confinement and Transport
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