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Date: 2018/04/04
Primary Author: Zhao, H.
Secondary Author(s): Zhou, T.; Liu, Y.; Ti, A.; Ling, B.; Austin, M.E.; Houshmandyar, S.; Huang, H.; Rowan, W.L.; Hu, L.
Modification Date:
Title: Upgrade of the ECE diagnostic on EAST (A28789)
  • High Temperature Plasma Diagnostic Conference(18) San Diego CA, Un, 2018
Date: 2004/09/23
Primary Author: Wong, C.P.C.
Secondary Author(s): Malang, S.;Sawan, M.;Smolentsev, S.;Majumdar, S.;Merrill, B.;Sze, D.K.;Morley, N.;Sharafat, S.;Dagher, M.;Peterson, P.;Zhao, H.;Zinkle, S.J.;Abdou, M.;Youssef, M.
Modification Date: 2005/02/15
Title: Assessment of First Wall andf Blanket Options With the Use of Liquid Breeder (A24822)
  • Proc. Of 16th ANS Top. Meeting On The Technology Of Fusion Energy, Madison, Wisconsin, 2004, To Be Published In Fusion Science And Technology
  • 16th Topical Meeting on Technology Fusion Energy Madison Wisconsin, US, 2004
  • Category: Reactor Studies: Materials, Reactor Studies: Blanket Systems, Reactor Studies: Thermal-hydraulics
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