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Date: 2011/01/25
Primary Author: Tobias, B.J.
Secondary Author(s): Boivin, R.L.;Boom, J.E.;Classen, I.G.J.;Domier, C.W.;Donne, A.J.H.;Heidbrink, W.W.;Luhmann Jr, N.C.;Munsat, T.;Muscatello, C.M.;Nazikian, R.;Park, H.K.;Spong, D.A.;Turnbull, A.D.;Van Zeeland, M.A.;Yun, G.S.;DIII-D Team
Modification Date: 2011/03/04
Title: On the Application of Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging to the Validation of Theoretical Models of Magnetohydrodynamic Activity (A26944)
  • Submitted For Publication In Phys. Plasmas (2011)
  • abstract (pdf)
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    Category: Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium
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