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Date: 2017/07/07
Primary Author: Xu, G.S.
Secondary Author(s): Wan, B.N.; Wang, Y.F.; Wu, X.Q.; Chen, X.; Martin Peng, Y.-K.; Guo, H.Y.; Burrell, K.H.; Garofalo, A.M.; Osborne, T.H.; Groebner, R.J.; Wang, H.Q.; Chen, R.; Yan, N.; Wang, L.; Ding, S.Y.; Shao, L.M.; Hu, G.H.; Li, Y.L.; Lan, H.; Yang, Q.Q.; Chen, L.; Ye,
Modification Date:
Title: ExB Flow Shear Drive of EHO in the QH-mode Regime (A28428)
  • Nuclear Fusion
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