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Date: 2000/04/00
Primary Author: Turnbull, A.D.
Secondary Author(s): Bialek, J.; Chance, M.S.; Chu, M.S.; Comer, K.J.; Ferron, J.R.; Garofalo, A.M.; Glasser, A.H.; Manickam, J.; Medvedev, S.Yu.; Tokida, S.; Wong, S.K.
Modification Date: 2000/04/00
Title: New Physical Applications and Extensions to the GATO Ideal MHD Stabiity Code
  • Proc. Of International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference (2000), Los Angeles, California, To Be Published
  • International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference(2000) Los Angeles California, US, 2000
  • Category: Theory: Stability and Equilibrium
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