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Date: 2000/10/00
Primary Author: Lao, L.L.
Secondary Author(s): Kamada, Y.; Oikawa, T.; Baylor, L.R.; Burrell, K.H.; Chan, V.S.; Chance, M.S.; Chu, M.S.; Ferron, J.R.; Fukuda, T.; Hatae, T.; Isayama, A.; Jackson, G.L.; Leonard, A.W.; Makowski, M.A.; Manickam, J.; Murakami, M.; Okabayashi, M.; Osborne, T.H.; Snyder, P.
Modification Date: 2000/10/00
Title: Dependence of Edge Stability on Plasma Shape and Local Pressure Gradients in the DIII-D and JT-60U Tokamaks (A23507)
  • Nucl. Fusion 41, 295 (2001)
  • 18th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Sorrento, IT, 2000
  • Category: Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium, Experimental: Edge Physics & Fueling
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