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Date: 1996/10/00
Primary Author: Prater, R.
Secondary Author(s): Austin, M.E.; Baity, Jr. F.W.; Chiu, S.C.; Callis, R.W.; Cary, W.P.; deGrassie, J.S.; Freeman, R.L.; Forest, C.B.; Ferguson, S.W.; Ikezi, H.; Jaeger, E.F.; Joffrin, E.; Lee, J.-H.; Lin-Liu, Y.R.; Luce, T.C.; Murakami, M.; Petty, C.C.; Pinsker, R.I.; Phelp
Modification Date: 1996/10/00
Title: Fast Wave Heating and Current Drive in DIII-D in Discharges With Negative Central Shear (A22449)
  • Proc. Of The 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conf., Montreal, Canada, 1996, Vol. 3 (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1997) P. 243.
  • 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Montreal, CA, 1996
  • Category: Experimental: Heating and Current Drive
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