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Date: 2002/07/27
Primary Author: Moyer, R.A.
Secondary Author(s): Burin, M.J.;Chow, C.;Doerner, R.P.;Seraydarian, R.P.;Nagy, A.;Lee, R.L.;Leuer, J.A.
Modification Date: 2004/03/17
Title: A Plasma Science Class for High School Students
  • Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 47, 150 (2002)
  • 44th American Physical Society Annual Meeting of Division of Plasma Physics Orlando Florida, US, 2002
Date: 1996/05/00
Primary Author: Thomas, D.M.
Secondary Author(s): Burrell, K.H.; Groebner, R.J.; Gohil, P.; Kaplan, D.H.; Makariou, C.C.; Seraydarian, R.P.
Modification Date: 1996/05/00
Title: A Fast CCD Detector for Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy on the DIII-D Tokamak (A22329)
  • Rev. Sci. Instrum. 68, 1233 (1997)
  • 11th Topical Conference on High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Monterey California, US, 1996
  • Category: Experimental: Diagnostics
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