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Date: 2004/10/27
Primary Author: Parks, P.B.
Secondary Author(s): Baylor, L.R.;Ishizaki, R.;Jardin, S.C.;Samtaney, R.
Modification Date: 2004/12/22
Title: Recent Advances in the Theory and Simulation of Pellet Ablation and Fast Fuel Relocation in Tokamaks (A24868)
  • Proc. 20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conf., Vilamoura, Portugal, 2004 (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna) To Be Webbed
  • 20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Vilamoura, PT, 2004
  • Category: Theory: Confinement and Transport, Experimental: Confinement and Transport
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