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Date: 2009/06/06
Primary Author: Pawley, C.J.
Secondary Author(s): Scoville, J.T.; Hong, R.-M.; Stevenson, T.; Rossi, G.; Edwards, J.; von Hale, A.
Modification Date:
Title: Analysis of DIII-D Neutral Beam Power Systems for 10 Second Operation (A26437)
  • Fusion Engineering And Design (2009) DOI:10.1109/FUSION.2009.5226396
  • 23rd International Conference on Plasma Science & Symposium on Fusion Engineering San Diego California, US, 2009
  • abstract (pdf)
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Date: 1999/10/00
Primary Author: Scoville, J.T.
Secondary Author(s): Kellman, D.H.; Pronko, S.G.E.; Nerem, A.; Hatcher, R.; O'Neill, D.J.; Rossi, G.; Bolha, M.
Modification Date: 1999/10/00
Title: The Resistive Wall Mode Feedback Control System on DIII-D (A23256)
  • In The Proc. Of The 18th IEEE/NPSS Symp. On Fusion Engineering, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc., Piscataway, 1999) P. 198; And General Atomics Report GA-A23256 (1999)
  • 18th IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering Albuquerque New Mexico, US, 1999
  • Category: Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium
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