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Date: 1996/10/00
Primary Author: La Haye, R.J.
Secondary Author(s): Callen, J.D.; Chu, M.S.; Deshpande, S.; Gianakon, T.A.; Hegna, C.C.; Jardin, S.C.; Lao, L.L.; Manickam, J.; Monticello, D.A.; Pletzer, A.; Reiman, A.J.; Sauter, O.; Strait, E.J.; Taylor, T.S.; Turnbull, A.D.; Wilson, H.R.
Modification Date: 1996/10/00
Title: Practical Beta Limit in ITER-Shaped Discharges in DIII-D and Its Increase by Higher Collisionality (A22427)
  • Proc. Of The 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conf., Montreal, Canada, 1996, Vol. 1 (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1998) P. 747
  • 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Montreal, CA, 1996
  • Category: Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium
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