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Date: 2011/02/28
Primary Author: Chan, V.S.
Secondary Author(s): Stambaugh, R.D.;Garofalo, A.M.;Canik, J.;Kinsey, J.E.;Park, J.M.;Peng, M.Y.K.;Petrie, T.W.;Porkolab, M.;Prater, R.;Sawan, M.;Smith, J.P.;Snyder, P.B.;Stangeby, P.C.;Wong, C.P.C.
Modification Date: 2011/04/08
Title: A Fusion Development Facility on the Critical Path to Fusion Energy (A26975)
  • Submitted To Nucl. Fusion (2011)
  • abstract (pdf)
    paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

    Category: Reactor Studies: System Studies, Reactor Studies: Applications, Reactor Studies: Materials
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