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Date: 2010/11/12
Primary Author: Izzo, V.A.
Secondary Author(s): James, A.N.;Hollmann, E.M.;Yu, J.H.;Humphreys, D.A.;Wesley, J.C.;Lao, L.L.;Parks, P.B.;Sieck, P.E.;Whyte, D.G.;Olynyk, G.J.;Granetz, R.S.
Modification Date: 2011/03/07
Title: Runaway Electron Confinement Modeling for DIII-D, Alcator C-Mod, and ITER (A26880)
  • Proceedings Of 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, October 11-16, 2010, Daejeon, Republic Of Korea, Http://, Paper THS/9-2
  • 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Daejeon, KP, 2010
  • Category: Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium
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