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Date: 1999/10/00
Primary Author: Johnson, W.R.
Secondary Author(s): Trester, P.W.; Sengoku, S.; Ishiyama, S.; Kukaya, K.; Eto, M.; Oda, T.; Hirohata, Y.; Hino, T; Tsai, H.
Modification Date: 2001/09/25
Title: Performance of V-4Cr-4Ti Alloy Exposed to the JFT-2M Tokamak Environment (A23242)
  • In The Proc. Of The 9th Int. Conf. On Fusion Reactor Materials, Colorado Springs, Colorado (1999) To Be Published
  • 9th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials Colorado Springs Colorado, US, 1999
  • Category: Overview, Reactor Studies: Materials
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