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Date: 2009/05/27
Primary Author: Schmitz, O.
Secondary Author(s): Evans, T.E.;Fenstermacher, M.E.;Unterberg, E.A.;Austin, M.E.;Bray, B.D.;Brooks, N.H.;Frerichs, H.;Groth, M.;Jakubowski, M.W.;Lasnier, C.J.;Lehnen, M.;Leonard, A.W.;Mordijck, S.A.;Moyer, R.A.;Osborne, T.H.;Reiter, D.;Samm, U.;Schaffer, M.J.;Unterberg, B.;W
Modification Date: 2011/08/12
Title: Resonant Pedestal Pressure Reduction Induced by a Thermal Transport Enhancement Due to Stochastic Magnetic Boundary Layers in High-Temperature Plasmas (A26396)
  • Submitted To Phys. Rev. Lett. (2009)
  • abstract (pdf)
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    Category: Experimental: Confinement and Transport, Experimental: Stability and Equilibrium
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