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Date: 1997/11/00
Primary Author: Loh, Y.S.
Secondary Author(s): Evans, T.E.; West, W.P.; Finkenthal, D.K.; Fenstermacher, M.E.; Porter, G.D.
Modification Date: 1997/11/00
Title: Development and Testing of a Chemical Sputtering Model for the Monte Carlo Impurity Code
  • Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 42, 1927 (1997)
  • 39th American Physical Society Annual Meeting of Division of Plasma Physics Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, US, 1997
  • Category: Overview
Date: 1997/09/00
Primary Author: Evans, T.E.
Secondary Author(s): Finkenthal, D.K.; Loh, Y.S.; Fenstermacher, M.E.; Porter, G.D.; West, W.P.
Modification Date: 1997/09/00
Title: Comparisons of Physical and Chemical Sputtering in High Density Divertor Plasmas With the Monte Carlo Impurity (MCI) Transport Model (A22693)
  • Contrib. To Plasma Phys. 38, 260 (1998)
  • 9th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices San Diego California, US, 2003
  • Category: Experimental: Edge Physics & Fueling, Reactor Studies: Plasma Materials Interaction
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