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Date: 2005/09/28
Primary Author: Wong, C.P.C.
Secondary Author(s): Abdou, M.;Malang, S.;Sawan, M.;Dagher, M.;Smolentsev, S.;Merrill, B.;Youssef, M.;Sharafat, S.;Calderoni, P.;Sviatoslavsky, G.;Sze, D.K.;Morley, N.B.;Kurtz, R.;Willms, S.;Carosella, D.P.;Labar, M.P.;Fogarty, P.J.;Ulrickson, M.A.;Zinkle, S.
Modification Date: 2006/03/17
Title: Overview of the U.S. ITER Dual Coolant LEADLITHIUM (DCLL) Test Blanket Module Program (A25190)
  • Proc. Of 21st IEEE/NPSS Symposium On Fusion Engineering 2005, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2005, To Be Published
  • 21st IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering Knoxville Tennessee, US, 2005
  • abstract (pdf)
    paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

    Category: Reactor Studies: Blanket Systems, Reactor Studies: Helium-cooled Systems, Reactor Studies: Materials
Date: 2004/06/14
Primary Author: Wong, C.P.C.
Secondary Author(s): Abdou, M.;Carosella, D.P.;Dagher, M.;Labar, M.P.;Malang, S.;Merrill, B.;Morley, N.;Sawan, M.;Willms, R.S.;Sze, D.K.
Modification Date: 2005/02/15
Title: Ancillary Systems for Dual Coolant Liquid Breeder Test Blanket Modules, Interim Report to the ITER Test Blanket Working Group (TBWG) (A24754)
  • General Atomics Report GAS-A24754 (2004)
  • Category: Reactor Studies: Blanket Systems
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