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Date: 2018/06/06
Primary Author: Sips, A.C.C.
Secondary Author(s): Schweinzer, J.; Luce, T.C.; Wolfe, S.; Urano, H.; Hobirk, J.; Ide, S.; Joffrin, E.; Kessel, C.; Kim, S.H.; Lomas, P.; Nunes, I.; Putterich, T.; Rimini, F.; Solomon, W.M.; Stober, J.; Turco, F.; de Vries, P.C.
Modification Date:
Title: Assessment of the Baseline Scenario at q95 ~ 3 for ITER (A28777)
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

Date: 2010/11/12
Primary Author: Choi, M.
Secondary Author(s): Green, D.L.;Jaeger, E.F.;Chan, V.S.;Muscatello, C.M.;Heidbrink, W.W.;Liu, D.;Harvey, R.W.;Lao, L.L.;Pinsker, R.I.;Berry, L.A.;Bonoli, P.;Kim, S.H.;RF-SciDAC Team
Modification Date: 2011/03/07
Title: Finite Orbit Monte-Carlo Simulation of Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating Scenarios in DIII-D, NSTX, KSTAR and ITER (A26870)
  • Proceedings Of 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, October 11-16, 2010, Daejeon, Republic Of Korea, Http://, Paper THW/P3-06
  • 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Daejeon, KP, 2010
  • Category: Theory: Heating and Current Drive
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