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Date: 2005/07/20
Primary Author: Frederick, C.A.
Secondary Author(s): Paguio, R.R.;Nikroo, A.;Hund, J.H.;Acenas, O.;Thi, M.
Modification Date: 2006/03/17
Title: Controlling the Pore Size and Gelation Time of Resorcinol Formaldehyde Foam for Fabrication of Direct Drice Targets for ICF Experiments (A25104)
  • Proc. Of 16th Target Fabrication Specialist's Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2005, To Be Published In Fusion Sci. And Technol.
  • 16th Target Fabrication Specialists Meeting Scottsdale Arizona, US, 2005
  • abstract (pdf)
    paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

    Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
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