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Date: 2000/10/00
Primary Author: Murakami, M.
Secondary Author(s): McKee, G.R.;Jackson, G.L.;Staebler, G.M.;Alexander, D.A.;Baker, D.R.;Bateman, G.;Baylor, L.R.;Boedo, J.A.;Brooks, N.H.;Burrell, K.H.;Cary, J.R.;Cohen, R.H.;Colchin, R.J.;DeBoo, J.C.;Doyle, E.J.;Ernst, D.R.;Evans, T.E.;Fenzi, C.;Greenfield, C.M.;Greenwood,
Modification Date: 2003/11/21
Title: Physics of Confinement Improvement of Plasma With Impurity Injection in DIII-D (A23523)
  • Nucl. Fusion 41, 317 (2001)
  • 18th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Sorrento, IT, 2000
  • Category: Experimental: Confinement and Transport, Experimental: Integrated Scenarios
Date: 1999/03/00
Primary Author: St John, H.E.
Secondary Author(s): Kinsey, J.E.; Bateman, G.; Erba, M.; Kritz, A.H.; Cary, J.R.; Luetkemeyer, K.G.; Cohen, R.H.; Jong, R.A.; Yang, T.B.; Houlberg, W.A.; Greenwood, D.E.; Mikkelson, D.; Wiley, J.C.
Modification Date: 1999/03/00
Title: Structure of the Demonstration Code for the National Transport Code Collaboration
  • Proc. Of The Inter. Sherwood Fusion Theory/APS Centennial Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1999.
  • International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference(1997) Madison Wisconsin, US, 1997
  • Category: Theory: Intergrated Scenarios & Modeling
Date: 1997/07/00
Primary Author: McHarg, Jr. B.B.
Secondary Author(s): Casper, T.A.; Davis, S.; Greenwood, D.E.
Modification Date: 1997/07/00
Title: Tools for Remote Collaboration on the DIII-D National Fusion Facility (A22661)
  • IAEA Tech. Com. Mtg On Data Acquisition And Management For Fusion Research, Garching, Germany, To Be Published In Nucl. Fusion
  • IAEA Technical Committee Meeting on Data Acquisition and Management for Fusion Research(1997) Garching, DE, 1997
  • Category: Support Technology: Control Systems
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