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Date: 2002/08/22
Primary Author: Piglowski, D.A.
Secondary Author(s): Penaflor, B.G.;McHarg Jr. B.B.;Greene, K.L.;Coon, R.M.;Phillips, J.C.
Modification Date: 2005/11/15
Title: Hardware and Software Upgrades to DIII-D Main Computer Control Systems (A24070)
  • Proc. Of The 22nd Symp. On Fusion Technology, Helsinki, Finland, 2002, To Be Published In Fusion Engineering And Design
  • 22nd Symposium on Fusion Technology Helsinki, FI, 2002
  • Category: Support Technology: Control Systems
Date: 1999/06/14
Primary Author: Phillips, J.C.
Secondary Author(s): Greene, K.L.; Hyatt, A.W.; McHarg, Jr. B.B.; Penaflor, B.G.
Modification Date: 1999/06/14
Title: An Algorithm to Provide Real Time Neutral Beam Substitution in the DIII-D Tokamak (A23152)
  • In The Proc. Of The 11th IEEE/NPSS Real Time Conf., Santa Fe, New Mexico, And To Be Published In Transactions On Nucl. Science
  • 11th IEEE Real Time Conference 1999 Santa Fe New Mexico, US, 1999
  • Category: Support Technology: Heating Systems
Date: 1997/10/06
Primary Author: Greene, K.L.
Secondary Author(s): McHarg, Jr. B.B.
Modification Date: 1997/10/06
Title: Development of Improved Methods for Remote Access of DIII-D Data and Data Analysis (A22730)
  • Proc. Of The 17th IEEE/NPSS Symp. On Fusion Engineering, San Diego, California, Vol. 2 (Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Inc., Piscataway, New Jersey, 1998) P. 779
  • 17th IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering San Diego California, US, 1997
  • Category: Support Technology: Data Acquisition, Support Technology: Collaborative Technology, Support Technology: Data Management & Analysis
Date: 1996/10/00
Primary Author: Chan, V.S.
Secondary Author(s): Allen, S.L.; Anderson, P.M.; Austin, M.E.; Baggest, D.S.; Baity, Jr. F.W.; Baker, D.R.; Baldwin, D.E.; Barber, G.C.; Baxi, C.B.; Broesch, J.D.; Brooks, N.H.; Buchenauer, D.A.; Burrell, K.H.; Callis, R.W.; Campbell, G.L.; Carlstrom, T.N.; Carolipio, E.M.;
Modification Date: 1996/10/00
Title: DIII-D Tokamak Concept Improvement Research (A22471)
  • Proc. Of The 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conf., Montreal, Canada, 1996, Vol. 1 (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1997) P. 95.
  • 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Montreal, CA, 1996
  • Category: Theory: Intergrated Scenarios & Modeling
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