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Date: 1996/10/00
Primary Author: Alexander, N.B.
Secondary Author(s): Besenbruch, G.E.; Baugh, W.A.; Beal, C.T.; Boline, K.K.; Brown, L.C.; Egli, W.; Follin, J.F.; Gibson, C.R.; Goodin, D.T.; Gram, R.Q.; Hansink, M.J.; Hoffmann, E.H.; Lee, W.; Letzring, S.A.; Mangano, R.A.; McDaniels, J.D.; Nobile, Jr. A.; Nasise, J.E.; Sch
Modification Date: 1996/10/00
Title: The Cryogenic Target Handling System for the OMEGA Laser (A22465)
  • Proc. Of The 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conf., Montreal, Canada (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, To Be Published)
  • 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Montreal, CA, 1996
  • Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
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