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Date: 2005/10/24
Primary Author: Goodin, D.T.
Secondary Author(s): Alexander, N.B.;Besenbruch, G.E.;Bozek, A.S.;Brown, L.C.;Carlsom, L.;Flint, G.W.;Goodman, P.;Kilkenny, J.D.;Maksaereekul, W.;McQuillan, B.W.;Nikroo, A.;Paguio, R.R.;Petzoldt, R.W.;Raffray, R.;Schroen, D.G.;Sheliak, J.D.;Spalding, J.;Streit, J.E.;Tillack,
Modification Date: 2007/05/23
Title: Developing a Commercial Production Process for 500,000 Targets Per Day - a Key Challenge for Inertial Fusion Energy (A25258)
  • To Be Published In Phys. Plasmas (2006)
  • abstract (pdf)
    paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

    Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement, Reactor Studies: Materials
Date: 2004/11/05
Primary Author: Vermillion, B.A.
Secondary Author(s): McQuillan, B.W.;Brown, L.C.;Goodin, D.T.;Paguio, R.;Streit, J.E.;Schroen, D.G.;Goodman, P.C.;Maksaereekul, W.
Modification Date: 2005/05/19
Title: Mass Production Methods for IFE Targets (A24827)
  • Fusion Science And Technology 47, 1139 (2005)
  • 16th Topical Meeting on Technology Fusion Energy Madison Wisconsin, US, 2004
  • Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
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