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Date: 2002/05/13
Primary Author: West, W.P.
Secondary Author(s): Goldsmith, B.;Evans, T.E.;Olson, R.J.
Modification Date: 2003/11/03
Title: Atomic Physics Processes Important to the Understanding of the Scrape-Off Layer of Tokamaks (A23960)
  • Proc. Of The 3rd Int. Conf. On Atomic And Molecular Data And Their Applications, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Vol. 636 (American Istitute Of Physics, Melville, 2002) P. 171
  • Category: Experimental: Edge Physics & Fueling
Date: 2001/10/29
Primary Author: Goldsmith, B.R.
Secondary Author(s): West, W.P.; Evans, T.E.
Modification Date: 2001/12/21
Title: Modeling of Neutral Transport in the SOL of Tokamak Plasmas
  • Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 46, 148 (2001)
  • 43rd American Physical Society Annual Meeting of Division of Plasma Physics Long Beach CA, US, 2001
  • Category: Theory: Edge Physics
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