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Date: 2004/12/14
Primary Author: Nikroo, A.
Secondary Author(s): Pontelandolfo, J.M.;Greenwood, A.L.;Stillwell, J.L.;Callahan, D.A.
Modification Date: 2005/07/14
Title: Fabrication of Capsules With Angle-Dependent Gold Shims for Hohlraum Drive Symmetry Correction (A24774)
  • Nucl. Instrum. & Methods In Physics Research A 544, 42 (2005)
  • paper (pdf) Only available internally - users on an approved domain or with an active web access account.

    Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
Date: 2004/11/05
Primary Author: Goodin, D.T.
Secondary Author(s): Alexander, N.B.;Brown, L.C.;Callahan, D.A.;Ebey, P.;Frey, D.T.;Gallix, R.;Geller, D.;Gibson, C.R.;Hoffer, J.;Maxwell, J.L.;McQuillan, B.W.;Nikroo, A.;Nobile, A.;Olson, C.;Petzoldt, R.W.;Raffray, R.;Rickman, W.S.;Rochau, G.;Schroen, D.G.;Sethian, J.;Shelia
Modification Date: 2005/05/19
Title: Demonstrating a Target Supply for Inertial Fusion Energy (A24816)
  • Fusion Science And Technology 47, 1131 (2005)
  • 16th Topical Meeting on Technology Fusion Energy Madison Wisconsin, US, 2004
  • Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
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