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Date: 2006/09/01
Primary Author: Bozek, A.S.
Secondary Author(s): Alexander, N.B.;Bittner, D.;Carlson, L.;Drake, T.J.;Flint, G.W.;Frey, D.T.;Goodin, D.T.;Grant, S.E.;Hund, J.F.;Kilkenny, J.D.;Petzoldt, R.W.;Schroen, D.;Stemke, R.W.;Streit, J.E.;Vermillion, B.A.
Modification Date: 2006/11/27
Title: The Production and Delivery of an Inertial Fusion Energy Power Plant Fuel - The Cryogenic Target (A25529)
  • Proc. Of 24th Symposium On Fusion Technology, Warsaw, Poland (2006), To Be Published In Fusion Eng, And Design
  • 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology Warsaw, pl, 2006
  • Category: Inertial Confinement: Intertial Confinement
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