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Date: 1998/11/00
Primary Author: Wong, C.P.C.
Secondary Author(s): Berk, S.; Abdou, M.; Mattas, R.; APEX Team; ALPS Team
Modification Date: 1998/11/00
Title: APEX and ALPS, High Power Density Technology Programs in the U.S. (A22986)
  • In The Proc. Of The 5th Sino-Japan Symp. On Material For Advanced Energy Systems And Fission And Fusion Engineering, Xi'an, China (1998) To Be Published; And General Atomics Report GA-A22986 (1998)
  • 5th Sino-Japan Symposium on Materials for Advanced Energy Systems and Fission and Fusion Engineering Kyoto, JP, 1997
  • Category: Overview, Reactor Studies: Blanket Systems
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